Monday, September 15, 2008

Hollywood Secrets of the Palin/Gibson Interview

This story from the NewsBusters website. Thanks

We're well aware of the saying 'smoke and mirrors', however how many of us are aware of the fine art of Camera Lens a Camera Angles?

This website points out the Hollywood art of making things smaller or larger than they really are to create a mood or move the viewer to see things, well through a specific lens.

Was this applied to the Palin/Gibson interviews?

Don't know if this is true or if it is true if it was intentional, however this individual, who says he is working in the hollywood industry lays out his case where this may have taken place.

Judge for yourself.

Charlie Gibson and ABC News Camera Trickery

I'm a Director in Hollywood. I've also created visual effects for movies and commercials for 23 years. I'm not disclosing my name at this point, because frankly I've already suffered enough job loss because I was "outted" as a conservative. But enough about me. I caught a commercial teaser for the Charlie Gibson interview of Sarah Palin and something caught my attention as a Director immediately: The use of the position and choice of lenses to minimalize Governor Palin.


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