Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Clinton and Palin together....NOT

This speaks volumes about the bi-partisanship of the Obama team. Clinton said she as part of the team, didn't she?

Clinton cancels appearance over Palin

Reporters who got notice yesterday of an event headlined by both Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton figured the prospect fo an SNL skitof come to life was too good to be true, a gift from the campaign gods.

But for a few hours, it was. “We are pleased to inform you that the keynote speakers at the “Stop Iran. Now!” Rally are confirmed to be Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Governor Sarah Palin and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel,” read an e-mail from a leader of a Jewish group planning the event.

But the curtain came down on the comedy sketch-turned-reality before the duo ever hit the stage: Clinton officials soon said they had not been told Palin would be on hand — and that her presence, which made the event a political one, would mean the absence of the New York senator.

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