Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Violence Not Directed Toward the U.S." - Administration Completely Out In Left Field

Mr. Carney's remarks are a complete joke, and completely out of touch with reality.

It seems everyday the administration is releasing comments and statements that totally contradict reality.

"It's all because of a video on youtube"
"The economy is turning around.."javascript:void(0)
"Yes, you are off better than 4 years ago"
"No, the radical Muslims don't hate us.."

other comments made that are not true:
"If you like your healthcare provider, you can keep them." (That was the first thing the got change for me)
"You wont' have to pay one more penny for your healthcare" (That was the second thing that got changed for me and every year it increases)

I guess they think if they say it enough people will believe them.

Bolton sets the record straight on the comments from Carney

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