Saturday, September 08, 2012

Catholic Church - Friday Prayer Call

This is not a bad idea, of course this would not be mandatory but it would be a good practice to undertake.

Every Friday I fast from eating during the day with only meal at dinner time with my family. I do this not to bring attention to myself, in fact no-one at work knows that I do this. Not even most of my family members.

I do this to thank God for all his blessings of the week and for the graces he's given me to carry me through any hard times and moments of crisis that might arise during the course of life.

So Friday at 3:00pm, the time of the Passion of Jesus, remember to set your alarms for a short prayer time  maybe with a fellow Catholic
The article calls for only on the first of every month but I don't think every Friday is a tough request. Make it a permanent part of your life.
Catholic Church calls for public prayers in offices on Fridays   

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