Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feds and L.A. Sheriff Go After Muslim Video Creater

So I don't agree with this video that was created...I think most people don't.

I've seen and heard about more insulting things protrayed about my Catholic faith, and those pieces of art or movies or comments by well know individuals and so called celebrites are right there in your face promoted in public.

I don't see Catholics burning down buildings or mob rioting.

What upsets me about this action from the Feds and authorites, is that it seems to me that there is a hope if they proceed to go after this idiot film maker that it will appease the Muslim Brother Hood and every Muslim extremist so that they will leave us alone.

So this article pin points where he and his family lives, identify his religious affiliations all in the hope to divert attacks on the U.S.

All this will do is put his whole family in danger and put every Christian in the gun sights of the radicals. 

You have our State Department using every opportunity to say " wasn't us it was this guy, just leave us alone" What about freedom of speech?

I totally disagree with the content of this movie (I've only seen the trailers) and believe me where this short video would have probably gone un-noticed it's now being protrayed in the media as the cause of all our ills in the Middle East.

What a bunch of bologna.

You have Press Secretary Carny saying it has nothing to do with U.S. policy or hatred for the United States.

Come on, were not stupid.

Where there is weakness as our present administration has shown (pulling out of the Middle East, not doing anything of substance to stop Iran, no game plan in Afghanistan except give a pull out date) it will be exploited. 

I'm not saying we should go and bomb anyone. But I am saying when you show weakness , when  you try to buy a bully off, when you try to just ignore the obvious, it's only going to make you a prime target.

Symbolicly lynching this idiot film maker in public isn't going to change anything in the Middle East.
The history of radical Islam is well documented from it's inception to present times.

There may be a many good Muslims who support us and reject this violence. I wish they would be more vocal in their protest against this. But it seems they don't outnumber the controlling radicals that are on the news.

Strength is the only remedy.

LA Sheriff: Feds interview Calif. filmmaker 

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