Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Scapegoat, Goal Completed

...I knew this was going to happen...and so did those who thought it a wise move to go after the film maker responsible for the so called "disgraceful Muslim film..." that no one has seen. save for  some trailers that are on YouTube .

Here's an example of the vomit this move has generated:

“I wanna torture him with a shot [to] his knee cap, then blow his eyes with [a] knife, take a chain saw and cut his penis, then a hot rod would be given to his ass, then kill him until he is hanged till death,” funkyfolk1110 wrote. “Kill this bastard,” said another user.

Now with the scape goat in place the hope now is to divert all attention away from the Obama Administration on to this character.

All blame for these events as Ambassador Rice would say, "...are all  because of this individual" What she didn't say but was implied was " go get him and leave Obama alone."
Way to go. The State Department has no blame on them, despite the facts and evidence being put forth of prior warnings and knowledge of the attacks. Of inadequate security at the embassies. Of weakness in policies and failed strategies of appeasement.
And all they can say is "it's this film makers fault".
Scape goat in place....

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