Tuesday, December 18, 2012

School Tragedy Loss of the Innocent - What About Abortion

The tragedy of this past week has left the nation on bended knee. There's not a channel on TV, not a News show in the past few days, not a politician raising his or her voice in anger over the loss of  the 20 precious innocent lives in the school shooting as well as the adults.

Rightfully so, many have wondered why this has happened and many more are wondering how we can prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

Huckabee of Foxnews expressed it as having a nation that pushes out God at every opportunity and then, we're surprised when un-Godly things happen. Well that's a view point that won't get express much.

With all this outrage about this loss, the cry for Gun laws is the primary call for remedy and it seems the solve all for this kind of event. Stronger gun laws ...no one gets shot right?

I don't think so. Evil exist and will always find a way to raise it's ugly head.

The only remedy for evilness is Godliness.

We can be outraged and again rightfully so, with the loss of the 20 innocent lives but we can kill 1 Million babies through abortion every year and that's okay.

Where's the outrage to that?

"Lets get rid of all guns to stop the killing of our children!"

Okay, lets stop Abortion and the murder of innocent babies.

Seems like on one hand killing children is unacceptable and on the other it's a right.

Doesn't make sense to me. You can't have it both ways

My heart was breaking looking at the faces of those lost in the shooting. These young lives that were just beginning with futures ahead of them that could have benefited our society, that could have enriched everyone around them were cut short and not allowed to flower.

This is the same thing with those innocent children who get aborted everyday without fan fare or community outrage as their live are cut short, never given a chance to benefit our society or enrich everyone around them. I wonder what their faces would have looked like, the smiles, the eyes with life shining from them.

Yes we need to address the present tragedy and yes lets look at gun laws without violating our constitutional rights and lets look at mental illness and school safety. Let look at all of that.

...AND lets look at a real stopper to killing children...ABORTION !

Got Bless the innocent children.

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