Saturday, September 29, 2012

Defense Contractors asked to LIE!

The Obama Administration asked the Defense Administration to NOT notify employees of possible layoffs on Jan 2, 2013. The notices would have to be handed out November 2, 2012 in order to follow the law.

The WARN ACT requires a 60 day notice. I know about this since I work in the Defense Industry.

The O administration has asked  Defense companies to disobey this law....unprecedented from a self proclaimed "Transparent" administration.

This is going to hit the Defense companies very hard...lots of layoffs. And to think President Obama wants to hide this from the employees prior to the elections to help his re-election.

Now we have a President that wants Employers to lie and break the law.

What a nice New Years surprise. Thanks Obama you really do care.

Administration Gives Defense Firms Cover to Downplay Possible Layoffs

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