Friday, August 03, 2012

Chick fil-A: Kiss In

So now after a very positive response to show support by buying the product that Chick fil-A puts out, it's now time for the opposition to express their non-support.

And how they express that is very telling.

It shows what they are really about. Direct attack on marriage, the forced introduction into society of the gay lifestyle.

Why did this group agree on the 'KISS-IN' action. Why not just not buying the product or a simple sign carrying protest. Or any number of ways including using our government processes of legislation.

Why the in-your-face, approach?

They know that children will be at the restaurants, they know that families frequent the establishments.

What is the KISS-IN suppose to accomplish? Are they hoping to stop these families from not going and not witnessing this exhibition?

Don't they know they are also affecting the people that work at these restaurants? What about their families? Are they willing to affect these families and how they support themselves.

So if they don't care about how  these families support themselves, what do they care about?

The arguments even go so far as to say to say the CEO of Chick-fil-A can't spend his own money on what he wants, as they point out that "he didn't make that money on his own"

This is using Obama's argument " didn't build that on your own".

What a poison thought. They are willing to attack 'Private Property' principle.
The ability to own your own, house, business, car, faith, religion.

Here's the famous Fulton Sheen on the topic of Private Property:

What is their agenda?Why the Kiss-In?

It's the elephant in the room, their cause is against the 'Common Good'      .

Chick-fil-A protests: Will petition and 'kiss-in' help or hurt?   

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