Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney Video - Headlines Tomorrow Morning, Morality Lost

This news article will be the MSM main focus tomorrow morning and will definitely affect the Romney campaign.

Romney Talks Bluntly of Those Dependent on Government    

The only odd thing is while it will be protrayed as something bad  IT'S ALL TRUE.

There are 47%, and I would say more...who have come to depend on that hand full of peanuts the government doles out in a form of a monthly checks that will become a vote in the Obama ballot box.

It won't be because of the great presidency of Barack, but the promise of more handouts and most Americans won't want to give that up. They will gladly give up their freedoms and their souls for "a pocket full of mumbles such are promises", as Paul Simon said in the Boxer.

Like the images of the Los Angeles streets of a bank robber flinging money out the window of the car being chased by LAPD, and hundreds of people coming out of their houses to pick up the stolen money. All the while thinking it is okay to take the stolen money. All thieves that they are.

Morality lost....

The same is happening with this election. Obama is the bandit flinging money out the window of DC with thousands coming out to pick up their share, as if it will make any difference in their life's circumstances.

Morality lost....

And while the Obama campaign will call foul on this, it's the exact same thing they are doing by alienating the other half of America, the so called rich, actually the middle class. Those that would call out the other half of America living on the pocket books of those who prefer to work through their struggles.

Yes, there are plenty of those who are really struggling but I believe many more are illegitimate in this claim.

The hypocrisy

This is an election that will go down in infamy.

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