Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is this America?

Very interesting article...

What is America Today?   

I don't know...I look around and wonder 'What the heck is happening'.

I see and feel the affects of the economy, just like I expect everyone else in America is.

We work hard, pay my taxes, pull the belt tighter and tighter with each month.

Watch my insurance rates climb higher and higher and  forced to choose lesser coverage because of it as many others.

I see family members and friends struggle to keep pace with the economy, and to hold on to a jobs that no longer have any permanence.

401k's and retirements look way out of reach...and many fast approaching the age where they thought they'd be comfortably anticipating leaving the job commute and living a humble yet feasible life style. That won't happen now, not sure it will ever happen.

Yet, I look around at iPhone lines with people I'm sure are no better off. How can they afford it much less pay for the monthly service charges

Over 8.1 percent jobless rate and that's not counting those who have given up.

Food stamp usage has doubled, but I see plenty of cars and SUV's trucks with expensive rims and tires.

I just can't figure it out.

Reality doesn't seem to be well....reality.

The President assures us "yes we are better off than 4 years ago"

Really? I mean ....REALLY!

The election polls in favor of Obama seem to portray a time of prosperity...with 16 Trillion in debt!

I honestly believe we've reached that tipping point where those with their hands out are out numbering those  who have there hands in there wallets paying out more....only there isn't any.

How many of us know of family members who have the latest this and the latest that and we have no idea where they are getting the money. They certainly don't have jobs or have any major investments?

Some of these family members are out of work and aren't looking and still they play on their iPhone's are leaving for Las Vegas again for another fun weekend.

 I'm afraid we've come to that point where a majority of Americans seem to be dependent on the government and don't want to give up that dependency.

Many Catholics have sided with the Obama administration either having been fooled by the his social agenda claims of caring for the poor or are just too comfortable with not living a life style true to their faith.

Blunt but true and to the point.

So what should be expected is a very close race if not leaning toward an Obama second term.

And what then, I shudder to think.

More debt, more abortions, more poverty, more government control and forfeiture of freedoms including faith.

Inevitable, not at all. Just something to ponder very seriously.

These are just some thoughts. My faith is in God.

This post is not meant to promote despair of fear. I know many have had some of these thoughts.

Deep prayer is called for and we need to get off out duffs and talk with fellow Catholics, family members and friends, work colleagues about living out their true faith and coming to terms with an over dependency of government. As Catholics we must be a witness to our faith in everything and everywhere, including the voting booth.

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