Saturday, August 25, 2012

SEAL Team Six 'No Easy Day' Book - Author Guilty or Not?

Wow, it's both interesting and very sad to read the various articles various articles   and news reports about this new book recounting the Bin Laden raid by a SEAL Team member actually there.

A few observations.....

1) The out rage of this new book centers around the near release of this story and it's secrets. The thing that most confuses me in all these news reports and accusations of SEAL secrets being divulged is that....well....NO ONE HAS READ THE BOOK YET!

The co-author said he believes there is no Classified information for whatever that's worth. I would assume he could be held as an accomplice if there is.

No one knows what the book actually says! Yes, proper authorities have not reviewed it yet. They would be the ones that would at least comb the book for Classified information. But has anyone else read the book? Can anyone else point to anything specifically that would justify the accusation of the  revealing of Classified information? I'm sure his fellow SEAL's have and the fact that the first hand account is out doesn't mean anything. There are plenty of other books about SEAL Team accounts of Bin Laden raid as well as other missions from Team members. I don't hear a cry of "traitor" going out for them.

The Commander and Chief's co-operation with film makers for political reasons in the up coming movie due out between now and December has generated the same out cry from the SEAL's group. No-one has seen that film either to be fair.

Other media released informations has pointed to a true release (from somewhere) of classified information.

 How about the release of the SEAL Team members name? Isn't that a Classified item?

What if the accusations prove false and the books contents are deemed benign? What then? The only classified information would be the revealing of the name of the individual and the persecution in the media of this individual.

2) If the accusations do prove true, hero or not that would be serious and I believe he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I realize he is now retired and I read something about the SEAL Team author not getting benefits or having a difficult time financially. That still wouldn't justify his actions, should the accusations be true, war hero or not.

I to have a security clearance for my job at work. When I retire or encounter financial troubles (beyond what I can mustard through now) that doesnt' give me the right to publish a book on what I know and seen to augment my financial necessities. I wouldn't even think of that.

I'm well aware of the paperwork I signed and re-iterated my understanding of the consequences during my polygraphs. No excusses.

3) My third point, why does it seem that the media who is playing out this story, revealing the name of the individual and all, why do they seem to me to be such hypocrites?

Let's see, when they (media) reveals classified information it's "their duty" to keep the public informed. It doesn't seem to matter who's lives they put in danger. The claim is that the individual in this case is only doing it for profit. Okay that may be partially true (we don't know all the facts yet) but does that mean the media isn't doing it for profit?

Not sure where this is all going to lead. Maybe the media is using this individuals actions to justify the Commander in-Chief's actions.

Does two wrongs make a right?

Are there indeed two wrongs here?

We just don't know all the facts...

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