Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama and Syria: A Man Of Indecision

So I just heard President Obama's Rose Garden speech.

In essence, he passed the buck to the Congress. After verbally flogging congress many times by saying he will bypass congress to meet his own agenda, he now says he will have to rely on them to make this decision.

Congress will not be back in office until September 9th so this is going to drag on many more weeks.

In my opinion this is no longer about Syria and saving the people, but about getting the president out of a jam and his big mouth.

The president's plan wouldn't have work anyway. It had no end game. What a foreign policy catastrophe.

In my mind I can't get over how the 100,000 deaths of Syrian, many of them women and children are okay and don't matter as much as the women and children that were gassed.

Meanwhile, Christians are still being killed, churches still burned, innocent women and children murdered in the streets. No end in sight.

We can't have a complete hands off. We need to do something, and I mean not just throw a few cruise missiles. We need to seek the true non Al Qaeda rebels and refugees and train them to be true freedom fighters so they can help themselves. Prayers and prayers and more prayers are needed.

This president is showing his complete incompetence in foreign affairs but he is our president and like it or not he is laying some major ground work on the worlds trust in
our country.

We just got a major black eye with that Rose Garden speech.

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