Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pope Francis: "A New Balance"

The media is going bonkers over and interview with Pope Francis in which they are interpreting to mean, a change in Catholic Church doctrine. I just listen to Fox News this morning in which Uma used those words exactly to headline a segment about the pope's interview.

Catholics seemed to be confused and activists are celebrating in the streets...well not quite but they feel the reporting of the Pope's words shores up their arguments supporting Abortion, Gay Marriage  and a basic lax in Catholic teaching which is their main opponent, the Church that is.

The Catholic response is slow as usual but it's coming around. I think the Vatican communication office is once again slow to provide at least a correction to the erroneous babble of the media, maybe they feel they don't have to. Correcting everything erroneous spewing for the press would be laborious to say the least, but interview such as these where the Pope is quoted out of context should at least be a focus.

I'm going to listen to this weekends homily cuz I think this would be a perfect opportunity for local priest to address this. Maybe he can weave it into the reading for Sunday...the untrustworthy steward (Lk 16:1-13).

Don't be confused fellow Catholics. Whenever you hear a headline quoting the Pope about a change in doctrine, before making any judgements take the time to find and read for yourself the exact full transcript of what was said. Second seek a good Catholic resource (and I don't mean CNN, NBC, Huffington Post, NYTimes...etc). The Catholic Register, Fr Z, Fr. Longenecker, The Big Pulpit has a good collection of daily articles from various Catholic blogs to name a few.

Third go back and read the what the Pope said again and pray about it. Pope Francis was chosen under the guidance of the Holy Spirit...HS is NEVER WRONG!

There is no doctrine change, there is no call from the Catholic Church to reverse or ignore our stance on Abortion, Gay Marriage or Women Priest or whatever the flavor of the month "freedom to do what you want cause" is. The Churches teaching are unchanging...they are Christ's teachings.

Forth, be proactive. Be ready to explain to others who my voice a wrong interpretation of this particular interview or whatever church teaching they may have. Be prepared to explain your faith, with love and charity.

Follow the formula of the original missionaries; 1) Love it, 2) Learn it, 3) Live it

Show the love of God and His love for each and everyone of us, all sinners; teach the love of Christ His Son through the Church and its teachings, and Live the love of Trinity through our daily lives an outward example to all.

Below are some Blog post that better explains the Pope's call for a 'New Balance'....not a new doctrine.

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