Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Perry Claims "She's Not A Christian"

I read this with no surprise, but with a heavy heart.

‘I’m Not Christian’: Pop Star Rejects Her Childhood Faith  

Looks like fame and fortune has claimed another victim. While I can't say all fame and fortune careers end up with a separation from faith this 29 yr old started her musical journey in her early twenty's and from what I've read on line (on line bio's aren't necessarily true) it seems she entered alone without much guidance or with a minimum amount of guidance in her faith.

Fame and notoriety were her goal and she achieved that, sacrificing her faith in the process. She claims to still hold to some sort of relationship with God...whatever that means. I can't tell you how many times I've heard from friends and even family that have left the church that claim "...they still pray on my own, in the privacy of their homes...no need for church or to be identified with a religion."

At that point to legitimize their faith stance, they go on to proclaim the hypocrisy of those that attend church how the church didn't meet their needs.

It seems that surrounded by those in the fame industry will support you no matter what lifestyle you wish to follow as long as they can join in the fun.

This article goes on to suggest she is on some sort of faith journey though those words aren't used.

"While she says she’s not a Christian any longer, it’s clear Perry is still very much on a spiritual journey."  

Let's keep her and others like her in our prayers and also for a strengthening of our own faith in the coming year.

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