Friday, August 23, 2013

Is Islam A Religion of Hate?

With all the violence in the Middle East, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan etc... and with the terrorist events in England, US and throughout the world, the argument that "Islam is a Violent Religion" has been circulating and seems to be solidifying.

The counter argument that the majority of Muslims are a peaceful people and practice Islam in a loving peaceful manner seems hard too coincide with world events. The counter argument is furthered by those that say only a small minority are radical and hateful and that the rest of the billion or so Muslims are getting a bad rap.

I saw this short extract of an Oxford Union debate with Mehdi Hasan taking the counter argument that Islam is non-violent is very interesting. He is very articulate and forceful.

I believe his claims of violence in Christianity regarding the same old points of the Crusades and how only .001 percent of Muslims are radical are misleading. His claims that the majority of those practicing Islam are against the radicalization of Islam and are vocal just doesn't hold water.

There is a million Muslim march scheduled for 9/11 this year but I'm not use what the message is or who the organizers are.

 This is topic that is not going away soon. How should Christians react?

In light of the persecution that's going on, churches burning, clergy and religious being murdered the message has always been the same for the Church. Love your enemies, pray for them. But that doesn't mean ignore the elephant in the room. To pray for your enemy would also lead one to recognize who the enemy is. Satan no doubt is at work.

But do Christians accept Islam as a Christian religion? An offshoot to be accepted?

I'll be writing more on this later. For now let introduce the subject. I'd love to hear your feedback on this debate extract. I'll try to locate the full version of the debate

By the way, Mr.Hasan and his team won the debate...


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