Friday, August 02, 2013

New Books I'm Reading, Aug 2, 2013

I love to read.

As a kid I'd spend hours in the local library. I loved Lack London's Call of the Wild and Robert Louis Stevenson's Timeless Adventure, Kidnapped. I learned to play Chess by reading a book.

I've always got at least three books going at the same time. Now I'm not a speed reader, it takes me a while to finish but I read every part of the book. Cove to Cover. Usually a book the Catholic faith, maybe a technical book or non-fiction, and a on occasion a book of fiction just for some mindless reading.

I have my trusty NOOK (A gift from my wife. I prefer the NOOK to the KINDLE. The video screen and the expandable memory beat the KINDLE hands down.) which I load up every Sunday with video, MP3 files with Catholic debates, books, commentary and of course music.

But I still prefer books. Books you can hold in your hand, feel the pages, flip back a paragraph or two to pick up your last thought or just re-read a previous chapter. The make quick reference when piecing together a post or paper. And well they have character, like an old friend always there when you need them.

I get to work pretty early so I have a change to least twice a week, sometimes more, put together a collection of news articles, blog post from my favorite Catholic bloggers and well anything that catches my interest on whats happening daily.

I read these while waiting for my next meeting, or during lunch. I don't read on my vanpool ride home, I get car sick. That's what my NOOK is for.

Anyway here are a couple of new books I just purchased and about to start.

1) American Church by Russel Shaw

2) Sign of The Cross by Francis De Sales

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