Friday, August 30, 2013

A Little Bromide with that Voris

I've received a number of emails forwarding me the latest Micheal Voris video...
Yes, I've seen it.



My initial thoughts:

  • I don't see anything wrong with professional Catholics supporting themselves. Okay I know about the non-profit aspect, but do you really think they can do this for free?
  • I don't think to work in these apostates you  have to take a vow of poverty
  • Can you support you and your family on 40K and do this work full time. Even St. Paul had to work as a tent maker....and he had additional financial support as well?
  • Do we really know all the facts? 
  • If you shoot from the hip be prepared to get hit my your own bullet (ricochet)....I just made that one up :-)
  • I'm not sure why Voris is doing this? I mean I like his stuff but does he really thing we should stop giving to Catholic Answers or EWTN?
  • Doug Keck is Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, and host of "EWTN Bookmark. Prior to his arrival at EWTN, Mr. Keck spent 20 years at Rainbow Programming, a joint venture of NBC and Cablevision.  Senior Network programming positions held during his tenure at Rainbow included Vice President of Operations and Technical Services for Rainbow’s multiple Cable Networks (AMC, Bravo, IFC, FUSE, CNBC, Newsport, Regional Sports, and Regional News Channels), and General Manager of its Television Operations Center.  Mr. Keck also served as senior programming executive for Sportschannel New York’s Emmy award-winning coverage of Yankees’ and Mets’ Baseball. Involved in the launch of more than 25 international, national and regional networks, Mr. Keck was responsible for the initial creation and implementation of Rainbow network’s “on-air look.” Previously he had worked for several years in New York area Radio. In his work prior to EWTN he must have been making bookoo bucks. I think he has given up much and EWTN is in debit to his experience which reflects on the success in spreading he Gospel message. Yes the Holy Spirit is the primary guiding force, but everyone has their God given gifts and Doug Keck has used his for the glory of God.
  • Much can be said also of Catholic Answers, from their meager beginnings to their radio and multimedia, books and conferences they produce.
  • Do I like Michael Voris, yes I do. But I don't understand his motives in this case.
  • Transparency, absolutely...I understand the "whistle blowing aspect" but is there a better way to change things? Do you pen a list of 95 objections and pin them in an internet video?
  • It seems to me Voris is dragging some mighty good names through the mud.

I've enclosed a link (which has additional links ...) to an article that can articulate these thoughts more clearly.

Do We Need Michael Voris?

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