Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Royal Baby & The Youth of Rio - Another News Day?

They stood watch at the front door of the London Hospital. The news channels both cable and local cut into regularly scheduled programming in order to try and capture the singular moment the Royal family arrived at the hospital and when the new born would pop his or her little head out of the front door..
Endless coverage and speculation over the new baby in tabloids and news articles guessed what the name would be if a girl or a boy and it’s royal ranking, in line for the thrown.

A joyous event, celebrating life as it enters the world, yes but really is all that moment to moment coverage necessary? 

The other news item, thousands of youth in Brazil awaiting the Holy Father to celebrate World Youth Day and their fearless acclamation of their faith, the news coverage of the event, well not so minute-to-minute and kind of sparse. The only real headline came when the car containing Pope Frances turned down a wrong street into throngs of faithful. Then there’s the bomb found at a location to be visited by the pope. That seemed the interest of their story not the purpose of his visit.

What’s the beef with these two events? No real beef, just some observations that came to my mind as these events unfolded

First, the birth of George Alexander Louis, of parents Prince William and Kate Middleton  seemed I don’t know, kind of out of place in a world screaming abortion!, abortion!, and ObamaCare. It seemed like a complete 180 degree’s out of the today’s fog, all the news agencies hanging on every word of their camped out reporters and any slight movement from the front door of the hospital, wow confusing.

A few of the cable stations pretending to not care but still reporting on the event, breaking away with a gasp, “is the baby here?!”. All the welcoming waves and cheers from well wishers outside the hospital and later at Kensington Castle. The statistics show a 2.5% drop in abortions in England, but that doesn’t tell the story that 185,000 unborn children died in Britain lastyear, in a nation with few limits on abortion and taxpayer financing of them 

The fastest-growing type of family in the UK are people who are living together without being married, according to official figures. The number of people who cohabit has doubled to 5.9 million since 1996, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures state.

Despite the appearance of Price William placing Prince George in his car seat and driving the Royal family and their new born, off from the hospital to a life of ever after, the majority of family life in London doesn’t reflect that in any way. The U.S. is not that far behind.

Many of my work colleagues in their mid to late thirties just now are tying the knot. Those newlyweds with a new born at home seem a little frustrated at caring for the baby and maintain their careers. One of my work mates confided in me that he has to give up the gym of all things to help with the baby. Who knew he would have to sacrifice so much.

I told him that’s what parenting and marriage was about, sacrifice. He had that puzzled look on his face and scampered off before I could explain. I’ll have to make a note to myself to follow up on that conversation with him.

So the excitement is short lived, and the news day has moved on. A passing glimpse of family life not practiced and celebrated with any such new coverage. Very sad.

The second news item was hardly covered at all, the beginning of World Youth Day 2013 and the arrival of Pope France to Brazil. I saw a brief clip on the local news channels only to mention that the safety of the pope was in question after his motorcade turned down a wrong street and was immediately surrounded by mobs of greeters. Also a note of a finding of a bomb at a planned event location, and that was it.
The only coverage at all of course was on EWTN, and that’s a shame because of the number of youths , thousands eager to celebrate their faith is a message that the world really needs to see and hear.

The New Evangelization is in high gear in Brazil and the muffled coverage is in full effect. Who wants to see a bunch (did I mention THOUSANDS!) of teenagers and young adults eager and on fire with their faith of Catholicism. 

The Catholic Church, lamp on the bushel basket, the source of all Truth, the bride of Christ, the visible church the only remedy of today’s bile, is on display in Brazil and nowhere else.

Except for a brief view of a family driving off to their castle and the spotlight of faith in Brazil the Western civilization goes on not skipping a beat on the Zimmerman coverage, the IRS scandals, the Spy in Russia, etc..etc…Ad Nauseam.

I don’t know it seems we treat to many things as just another news day item. What’s important and what s not is determined by the media and news.

Maybe a little over zealous news coverage on the royal birth but again just treated like a news day item.  

I would love to see more coverage of Youth Day. Not all our youth are in trouble and unaware of what’s important, namely our faith. Maybe a little more news on these teens and young adults can shed some light on a path to follow.

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