Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Short Church Study...For 1$

This is a great idea...

Gus Lloyd hosts the morning show "Seize the Day" on the new Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.Gus has put together a short booklet entitled "A minute in the church".

This looks like a great way to evangelize those in the pews and friends and family who want a short explanation of what the Catholic Church teaches.

Gus is making this available for only one dollar...that's $1.00 a piece. You need to buy these in bulk to take advantage of the price but this purchase would make a wonderful apologetic gift, an evangelization tool that parishes can take advantage of.

Please make it an effort to mention it to your pastors (who can get a FREE copy to review) who might want to make this purchase on behalf ot the parish.

Maybe with his permission to distribute to the parishioners, team up with other ministries in the church to make the purchase.

Anyway this offer ends on October 31st so please pass the word and make an attempt to make this happen at your parish.

Here's Gus Lloyd's webpage for more information.

Thanks Gus!

Gus Lloyd - Seize The Day 

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