Saturday, May 07, 2011

Disgruntle, Disobedient and Dismissed - Bishop Morris

Like a disgruntle employee, removed Ex-Bishop is not going quietly. He is on a tour of interviews telling his side of the story.

Now this is fine for any one else, I think but not for a Catholic Bishop, especially with the understanding of confidentiality. But on the other hand, his disobedience let to his dismissal, why would you thing that it would end there?

.- Australian Bishop William Morris of Toowoomba, removed from his post earlier this week by Pope Benedict XVI, is not going quietly into early retirement as agreed.
And he does not appear to be respecting the usual protocols of confidentiality and discretion that Church leaders normally adhere to in cases of Church discipline.
Instead, in a series of interviews this week, the ousted bishop has leaked what he claims is private correspondence from Pope Benedict XVI and compared the Vatican’s investigation of him to the 16th-century Spanish Inquisition.
He and his supporters charge that the Vatican’s inquiry, technically known as an “apostolic visitation,” was carried out unfairly and denied him his rights to “natural justice.”
However, Church lawyers this week said that Bishop Morris either misunderstands how the apostolic visitation process works or is deliberately spreading misinformation. They also suggested that the Pope’s unusual removal of the bishop suggests “grave” troubles in Toowoomba. 

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