Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is Any One Out There?

A true shame that people are affected by this man's (Camping) false predictions. People that look to this false prophet for their beliefs

It breaks my heart.

My prayers go out those that put their trust in this man.

Others may take a "It's their own damn fault" type of attitude, but I think a little more compassion needs to be in order.

Yes, we can place a "I told you so" answer to this, but we should never gloat at someones miss-givings, I don't care if we think that they deserve it or not.

I am truly gratefully for the faith that I have in Christ within his Catholic Church.

I pray that those whose lives are for the worst because of their trust in this man (Camping) receive the graces they need to work their way through any troubles.

Apocalypse believers await end, skeptics carry on

OAKLAND, Calif. – They spent months warning the world of the apocalypse, some giving away earthly belongings or draining their savings accounts. And so they waited, vigilantly, on Saturday for the appointed hour to arrive.
When 6 p.m. came and went across the United States and various spots around the globe, and no extraordinary cataclysm occurred, some believers expressed confusion, while others reassured each of their faith. Still, some others took it in stride.

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