Sunday, May 08, 2011

Catholic Nun Votes Don't Count

Is this ridicules or what?

Hey anyway you can turn a ballot re-count in your direction.

Liberal Lawyers Throw Out Ballots of Cloistered Nuns in Hotly-Contested WI Judge Recount

The Wisconsin Judge race between Joanne Kloppenburg and David Prosser has been ground zero for contentious American politics over the last couple months, especially after Democrats made WI Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal a national issue. The ongoing fight spilled over into the pre-scheduled state-wide election of judge to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
It’s no secret that David Prosser, the conservative judicial candidate, is going to win the recount (he already leads by several thousand votes), but lawyers for the liberal Joanne Kloppenburg are going to any lengthsincluding tossing out the sealed ballots of cloistered Catholics nuns – to carry the day for their boss:


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