Friday, May 27, 2011

No Answers????...Wa;lk Off Stage

We saw this on the [Left] View ABC program when Whoopie and Bayhart walked of stage when an opposing opinion was offered.....they WALKED OFF STAGE.

That was the case on FoxNews when a Frm Clinton Aid entered the debate arean (however brief) to trade views on the Budget proposal of Paul Ryan.

The debate clearly wasn't that hated and in fact it just started when Bill Clinton campaign adviser Simon Rosenberg, decided he had enough and walked off camera, leaving conservative talk-show host Ben Ferguson to continue without him... and pointed out 'that's what you do [walk off] when you don't have answers'.


No wonder nothing is getting done.

And Oh by the way... Dem's DON'T HAVE A  proposed a budget.

Here's the post here: ‘Shut Up!’: Fmr. Clinton Adviser Walks Off Fox News Set During Fiery Interview (The Blaze)

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