Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NYT Continues It's Anit-Catholic Ways

The New York Times is added to it's collection of anti-Catholic rhetoric.I don't know why I let it get under my skin.

I know, "turn the other cheek", yes I know. But it's like someone bad mouthing your mother or sister.
Them's fighting words.

Sometime it's not the down right lies that hurt, it's the subtle partial truths and half lies that get to me the most.
The New York Times is really good at that.

NYT Issues Another Slanted Attack Against Catholic Church

An analysis of the New York Times' response (a May 19, 2011 editorial) to the Vatican's recent clergy abuse guidelines reveals yet another ill-informed and skewed attack on the Catholic Church.
1. The Times writes that bishops once oversaw "hush payments to victims and relocation of abusive priests."
"Hush payments" are yet another popular falsehood in the reporting of the narrative of the clergy abuse scandals. They have become somewhat of an urban legend that the media continues to propagate.

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