Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Rome Exodus - Pedictions and Superstition

A prediction of an earthquake back in 1915, spooked many Romans and caused a mass exodus today.

Well the quake happened just not in Rome but in Spain.

Prayers for those in Spain

Spain earthquake: Rome earthquake rumour sparks mass exodus

 Thousands of Romans fled the city and shops were shuttered over quake fears, despite officials insisting they cannot be predicted and special programmes running on Italian state TV calling for calm.
"I'm going to tell the boss I've got a medical appointment and take the day off," said barman Fabio Mengarelli. "If I have to die, I want to die with my wife and kids, and masses of people will do the same as me."
Over 20 tremors did strike Italy on Wednesday, but it was in Spain, around 800 miles to the west, that a devastating quake struck.

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