Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bishop Chaput - The Late Republic

Bishop Chaput has some thoughts on Memorial Day, reflecting on our republic and our Catholic role.

Here we are on Monday but I thought is was good post...have a great week and take in Bishop Chaput's post

Life in the Late Republic: The Catholic Role in America, After Virtue
Exactly 70 years ago, in 1940, Rev. John Courtney Murray gave a series of three college talks. For his theme, he chose the “concept of a Christian culture.” After his death, his Jesuit brothers fused the talks into a single essay calledThe Construction of a Christian Culture.” It’s a modest word change. But that title — the construction of a Christian culture — is a good place to begin our thoughts.

Most people know Father Murray for his work on Vatican II’s Decree on Religious Liberty. In his 1960 book We Hold These Truths which has never gone out of print — Father Murray argued the classic Catholic case for America. Like any important thinker, his work has friends and critics. The critics respect Father Murray’s character and intellect. But they also tend to see him as a victim of his own optimism and a voice of American boosterism. I understand why. Over the years, too many people have used Father Murray to justify too many strange versions of personal conscience and the roles of Church and state.

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