Monday, January 24, 2011

National Catholic Register & EWTN are One.

The National Catholic Register is under new management. National Catholic Register because of financial troubles almost saw it's last edition come at the end of January.

Miracles happen everyday and this is one Big one. Now National Catholic Register will be able to continue it's orthodox Catholic news coverage.

Please support this recovery of National Catholic Register with a paid subscription..

Change and Continuity
The Register’s mission is to promote the New Evangelization, by selecting news at the intersection of faith and culture, analyzing it in light of Church teaching, and presenting it to active Catholics so they can keep up on the emerging secular culture, understand and evaluate it, and so be enabled to engage it.
Under new ownership and together with our new colleagues at EWTN, the Register’s mission stays the same, her fidelity to the magisterium stays the same, the basic approach to the essentials stays the same, and the “confident Catholicism” that we’ve inherited from John Paul and Benedict stays the same.

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