Tuesday, January 11, 2011

O'Reilly - The No Squish Zone

CMR points out something I've said for a long time. Bill O'Reilly doesn't know his faith, a Catholic he may be. Sometimes O'Reilly seems well in control of his political prowess in the No-Spin-Zone. But when on those occasions he has to defend his Catholic faith the weakness is very evident and sometimes embarrassing.
The No-Spin-Zone  becomes a No-Squish-Zone, because that is what is apparent concerning his knowledge of his faith, squishy.

And that's a shame. I honestly hope he takes his faith a little more seriously and do a little more study in the richness of his Catholic faith.

A prayer for Mr. Bill..

I don't watch Bill O'Reilly mainly because (and I know some people will laugh at this) I think he's a squishy.

People often take his loud mouth to mean he's principled. But it's just a loud mouth. I sometimes admire his logic but when it comes to abortion he gets awfully squirrelly. Get a load of this illogical statement as reported by
Catholic Online:

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