Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ex-Catholic Priest Cutie's book of Excuses

Read a little of Albert Cutie's new book. What a waste.
A book that says it wasn't his fault for breaking his vows as a Catholic Priest and committing adultery.
Hey, why not. It's the Catholic Church's fault, they should change to permit priest to marry or at the very least, yes, commit adultery.

Don't waste your money buying this book. If you want go to the book store and peruse a couple of chapters or turn on the TV to a really bad Sit-Com or stupid reality show. You'll get the same thing out of it.

MSNBC Hosts Cheating Ex-Catholic Priest Who Bashes Church On-Air

To publicize his new memoir, MSNBC hosted Rev. Albert Cutie on its Friday afternoon news programming. Fr. Cutie is a married priest in the Episcopal Church, having abruptly left the Catholic priesthood in May of 2009 after his secret love affair was made public. Cutie used the segment to criticize the Catholic Church's position on priestly celibacy and homosexuality.


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