Thursday, January 27, 2011

Evil 1928

Read this story at CMR. Just finished Matt Baglio's book 'The Rite'.
This one incident happened in Iowa in 1928...

If you plan on seeing the movie 'The Rite' which opens this weekend, please consider reading the book first.

On December 23rd, Emma broke her grips and stood up. Father Theophilus blessed her, shouting: "Depart, ye fiends of Hell! Begone, Satan, the Lion of Judah reigns!" Voices responded: "Beelzebub . . . Judas . . . Jacob . . . Mina . . . Hell . . . Hell . . . Hell!" As they faded, Emma opened her eyes. Her first words were, "Praised be Jesus Christ!" The entire company of priests and nuns broke down in tears.

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