Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Labyrinth - The Days After

The wife and I had an amazing evening at the Museum of Tolerance viewing the documentary 'The Labyrinth'.

The reception of this film by the Jewish/Christian community that attended was...I don't know...uniting, accepting of both groups who had members from their faith live the tragedy of the Holocaust.

For a Christian/Catholic like myself, the admiration and uplifting of the sacrifice of Fr. Maximilian Kolbe and yet not take away from the 6 million murdered Jews. For the Jewish community, as was pointed out at the 'question and answer' session, it has always been a fear of people 1) forgetting the event, and 2) taking away the focus of the Jewish tragedy. Both seemed to accept each others involvement.

It seemed that both groups came together, not just physically but spiritually, understanding each others  need to identify with the Holocaust.

This documentary is being shown around the United States and also Tel Aviv. Try to make one of these showings. You will not be disappointed.

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