Thursday, January 06, 2011

Pope Michael Sean Winters NCR

This is funny...but typical for NCR (No Catholic oRthodoxy)

Pope Michael Sean Winters the first is a Pope Benedict XVI impostor
...or as I like to call it, Phony Balogna

CMR has the story
Get this, NCR writer Michael Sean Winters writes a letter to Speaker John Boehner as if he were Pope Benedict. Yeah, you read that right. Michael Sean Winters is pretending to be Pope Benedict. I'm unsure if any dressup was involved but that would only make it marginally stranger.

In it, the pretend Pope Benedict accuses the bishops of lying about Obamacare and questions Boehner's motives. Then he tosses out a liberal wish list right out of Nancy Pelosi's hope chest. And he uses the word "like" like a sixteen year old suburban mallrat.

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