Monday, October 26, 2009

Morning Java: Oct 26

Sipping on my Decaf, perusing the daily news and trying to avoid the Sports page (Angels loose). Most of us saw the lose coming but we were hopeful.

Anyway, lots of news out there. Here's some of what I'm reading this morning. Another HOT day in L.A.

Pope To Bishops: Be Realistic, Not Too Political - Zenit News
There is a double danger when speaking of social issues, says Benedict XVI. The first is to focus too much on politics; the second is to be unrealistic. MORE

Rep. Patrick Kennedy Vs. The Church - NCRegister
Responding to the bishops, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., recently slammed the Church, saying that it was fanning “the flames of dissent and discord” by opposing the health-care reform bills under consideration unless they are amended to explicity prohibit abortion funding. MORE
I guess he know better than the Pope...

Medi-Fraud for Everyone - American Spectator
While it's shocking that government policing efforts are so lax for Medicare that even a convicted murderer can be granted a license to sell equipment and file claims, Gonzalez is actually a small player compared to other cheats. Last June, for instance, the Washington Post ran a story about a high school dropout who scammed $105 million from the federal government by filing 140,000 fraudulent Medicare claims, buying herself a Mercedes-Benz and two condominiums with a portion of the proceeds. MORE

Padre of Guadalcanal - The American Catholic
Immediately following Pearl Harbor, Father Gehring joined the Navy as a Chaplain. In September 1942 he began an unforgettable six month tour of duty with the First Marine Division fighting on Guadalcanal. Marines, although they are often loathe to admit it, are a component of the Department of the Navy, and the US Navy supplies their support troops, including chaplains. (One of my friends served as a Navy corpsman with a Marine unit in Vietnam. After his tour with the Navy he enlisted with the Marines, was commissioned a Lieutenant, and spent his entire tour with a detachment of Marines aboard an aircraft carrier. As he puts it, he joined the Navy and spent his time slogging through the mud with Marines. He then joined the Marines and spent his time sailing with the Navy.)MORE

Anglican Invite - Creative Minority
Oh snap! Didn't see this coming! A senior Anglican Bishop in England has indicated he is ready to convert! This is not one of the breakaway factions or even the TAC. This is just a regular ol' Anglican Bishop. MORE

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