Monday, October 12, 2009

Capitalism - A Catholic Invention

I want to see Michael Moore's movie on 'Capitalism' but I just can bring myself to hand over $9.00 into his account.

I'll have to wait until I can rent it from the library (I'm sure there will be plenty of copies there) for $1.00.

Meanwhile, it make perfect sense to me why someone like Mr. Moore and others with his mind set would want to proclaim to the world the evilness of 'Capitalism' (aka: America, aka: Catholicism). With Europe making it's shift away from it's Christian roots it seems that there are those that would like to see the United States follow suit.

From what I've read about Moore's movie, capitalism seems to be the prime culprit to poverty in the U.S. and the cause of the poor in the world.

"Why can't we be more like Cuba?" is the call of the movie. Like I said, I haven't seen the movie but clips on the internet show this.

People from Haiti make their way across treacherous waters in small boats and even dingies to escape the poverty of their land.

Let's see, do they stop off in the Bahama's?.....NO!

Do they stop off in any of the Virgin Islands..... NO!

Do they STOP OFF IN CUBA?! ....... Absolutely NOT!

They come to America which is over 500 miles from their homeland. All those other places are closer but they know where to come to escape poverty and Cuba is not a place to escape anything.

It seems Mr. Moore has put is eggs in the basket of man. He doesn't realize that the idea of capitalism is not to blame but the people who apply capitalism. The greed of individuals is to blame, not capitalism itself.

There isn't any other country that can match America and it's capitalistic structure. But like any good thing it can be use for evil self interest.

The American system with it's three branch government is a good example. We may be disappointed from time to time with our politicians (an understatement today) but we don't throw out our system for any other way of government in the world.

Do we want to be like Europe? I think not.

How about Venezuela? I don't think so.

China or Russia... absolutely not.

Capitalism has it's beginnings in Catholicism. I've enclosed a couple of good articles and a blog posting to convey this thought.

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