Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Afghanistan - A First Hand Look

If you want to get a real understanding of the conditions in Afghanistan you have to visit Michael Yon's blog.

Yon has been reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan for years. He's almost daily diary of what's happening there is more than you'll ever find on any TV, Cable channel or newspaper.

Reading through some of his reporting, makes me wonder if this President has the fortitude, the right inner circle advising him to deal with Afghanistan. I don't mention experience because, well he doesn't have any He's delay to make a decision on troop levels is sending a very big signal not only to our allies, but to the enemy.

Michael Yon Blog

Kandahar City, Afghanistan
Slowly, surely, the city is being strangled. Signaling the depth of our commitment, security forces are thinner in Kandahar than the Himalayan air. During the days and evenings, there were the sounds of occasional bombs—some caused by suicide attackers, and others by firefights. The windows in my room had been blown out recently and now were replaced. We came here to kill our enemies, but today we want to make a country from scratch.



Here's a post from American Thinker

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