Monday, October 12, 2009

A Decaf Morning: Article Roundup

Got in a little late this morning. This cold I have has found a home in my chest and doesn't want to leave. Week two of coughing up my lungs.

I blasted it with antibiotics and a couple of cups of decaf java. We'll see have I feel mid-day.

Morning Artcles:

Debate Over Effects of Leno’s Show - New York Times
I don't watch 'Jay' anyway...

What happened to global warming?- BBC
How can it be that the weather is colder? They seem so confused. Here's an idea. "MAYBE YOUR WERE WRONG!"

Fr. Moloney's melodramatic malarkey - InsideScoop
Fr. moloney's, Bologna

Pope canonizes Father Damien, four others as models of Christian love - CNS
Saint Damien pray for us...

Columbus, Catholicism and courage - American Catholic
Sailed the ocean blue... in 1492.

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