Monday, October 19, 2009

Los Angeles - New Football Stadium

I haven't been following this very closely. In fact not at all.

So I was surprised to find that this stadium is a 'rocks throw' from where I live. For those in L.A. I'm all for a stadium however to be completely honest.... just not near me.

Sorry for that, but it goes deeper. For anyone who lives in this proposed area, you know what traffic congestion there is where the 60 freeways and the 57 freeways meet. Right now it's a bottle neck, not to mention that the 60 fwy is a parking lot already coming from downtown.

No wonder Gov. Terminator is signing a 'Wavier' for an environmental study. The word wavier implies 'there's a mistake and we plan to override it'.

Does L.A. deserve a stadium? Sure why not. But as a potential fan I'd be concerned about getting to the game before the second half and home after midnight.

Freeways aren't free way's anymore.

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