Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What do you mean 'God is not Great'?

One of my favorite past times is to wonder the floor of nearest Barns and Noble bookstore, settle into a very worn over stuffed chair, may be even sip on a Frappuccino (hold the whipped cream)and read a chapter or two from the stack of books I gathered from the store of the latest releases.

One book that I haven't been able to peruse through yet is one by Christopher Hitchens entitled " God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything".

It's one of those books that catches your eye but the title just kind of makes you cringe with disgust, anger, dis-belief. You want to pick it up but you don't want to authorize it's legitimacy by acknowledging it's existence.

But I like to hear all the arguments and I'll probably pick it up and thumb through a few chapters on my next visit to the bookstore.

Fortunately, Mark D. Roberts has read it and is in the process of dissecting it on his blog. It's very well analysed by Mark and he's actually debated Mr. Hitchens on the radio on the Hugh Hewitt Show. You can hear the debate HERE in 3 parts.

In case you haven't guessed Mr Hitchens is no fan of the Christian Faith or any faith for that matter.

There seems to be growing number of books with an Atheist bent to it or a "bad Christianity" message. 'Misquoting Jesus' is another that comes to mind.

Anyway, I sure do learn a lot from scholars like Mark and I hope you get a change to read some of his analysis.

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