Friday, June 08, 2007

An L.A Weekend....

Things to do this weekend in Southern California...

I saw this advertised in the L.A. Times and I thought about going. It's called "Into the Abyss"

Here's the description from the article:

As dusk settles on Huntington Beach tonight, 25 8-foot cubes dotting the sand near the pier will light up to reveal some of the best action photography in the world.

The traveling art exhibit has drawn thousands of spectators on the first two nights of the free Red Bull Illume exhibition to see 50 backlit photographs mounted on the cubes.

"It's kind of Stonehenge-esque," professional kayaker Steve Fisher said of the circular arrangement of steel-and-glass cubes. "They've taken our activities and added a real artistic twist."Fisher, from Durban, South Africa, was in Huntington Beach to see a photo his girlfriend, Desré Pickers, shot of him from a helicopter while he kayaked in Zambia.

In the photo, titled "Into the Abyss," Fisher and two other kayakers stand on a rock outcropping peering over the edge of Victoria Falls.

Okay, so they do art a little different here in So. Cal. .... but if you can imagine a little stroll down at Huntington Beach at dusk and viewing an art show on the sands with the waves in the background. Temps during the day should be in the 80's inland and maybe in the high 70's by the beach. There's some good restaurants around the Pier area and plenty of fastfood, ice cream type foods there.

Here's the website for more info..
Also some awesome video of what you can expect HERE

This sounds cool. And it's free!

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