Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cardinal battles the Austrialian Parliment

The Australian Parliament is trying to place some secular pressure on Cardinal Pell for his remarks on Stem Cell Research and those that vote to further it's cause. He has reminded those Catholics in the Parliament about their Catholic Identity.

The Parliament has taken those remarks as intimidation.

During a radio interview on June 17, Cardinal Pell added that he "never threatened anybody with a public excommunication." He continued to say that politicians who support cloning should recognize the moral consequences of their actions. And he declined to offer a direct answer to the question of whether he would refuse Communion to a politician who voted for the pending legislation.

Archbishop Barry Hickey of Perth, who had also been accused of threatening lawmakers by his public statements on the cloning proposal, took a different posture in his latest comments. In a letter to the Catholic newspaper The Record, he observed that his published statements might have inadvertently put pressure on Catholic politicians who were already planning to cast their votes in accordance with Church teaching. "They may feel compromised and be accused of voting at the bidding of the Church. If this is so, I owe them an apology because I have always admired their courage," Archbishop Hickey said.

Blessed are those that are persecuted for mysake
The Kingdom of heaven this theirs.

What an example to follow. I pray there will be more Catholics willing to stand up for the unborn as Cardinal Pell.... at least with their vote.

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