Thursday, June 14, 2007

IRS Probe or Rhode Island Bishop for Giulini Comment

Since when does wearing the collar of a Catholic Priest/Bishop prohibit him from having a political opinion?

Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin blasted Giuliani in the May edition of the Rhode Island Catholic, criticizing the Republican candidate for saying he personally opposes abortion but wouldn't support an outright ban if elected president.

In the column, Tobin called the former New York City mayor's position pathetic, confusing and hypocritical. He even drew a parallel to Pontius Pilate.

The good Bishop didn't say this in a homily during Mass. And he didn't say "Don't vote for this individual". He merely pointed out the inconsistencies of Rudy Giuliani's stand on abortion compared to true Catholic teachings. Being a Bishop in the Catholic Church does qualify him as knowledgeable in the teachings of the church and that is his job. To teach and instruct the flock in the churches teachings.
You can read his full article HERE

Those comments broke federal laws banning tax-exempt religious groups such as the Diocese of Providence from endorsing or opposing political candidates, said Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which filed the complaint.
"The bishop is not a political boss, and he shouldn't be telling his flock with church resources which candidate to oppose," Lynn said. "This letter is a completely over-the-top example of a politicization of the pulpit of the bishop." Tobin's spokesman said the complaint lacks merit.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State? A political watchdog group?

Oh... I get it.
One of those "1st amendment for everyone except", kind of organizations.

So what about when we see other candidates, who shall be nameless but we see HER giving speeches in front of congregations.... I mean... groups of individuals with choir outfits on?

I'm sure we'll be reading more on this in the news.

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