Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Do not be afraid to Imitate Francis..."

Wish the MSM news sites would print this instead of that 10 commandment story...

Our youth would benefit more from this story...

Assisi, Jun 18, 2007 / 08:56 am (CNA).- Departing from the cathedral in Assisi, Benedict XVI traveled by car to meet the youth at the basilica of St. Mary of the Angels. Along the route he blessed disabled people from Assisi's Seraphic Institute.
The Holy Father greeted the young people awaiting him in the square of the basilica with a message of encouragement and challenge.
Benedict’s challenge to imitate the life of Saint Francis began with a small biography of the saint.
"It was here," said the Pope, that Francis "established the 'headquarters' of his order, where the friars could come together, as if in a maternal bosom, regenerating themselves before starting out again full of apostolic energy.”

Francis' conversion at the age of 25 "came about when he at the peak of his vitality, his experiences, his dreams," said Benedict XVI. He also dwelt on Francis' character before his conversion, describing him as a "carefree and generous," person "who wandered the city of Assisi day and night with his friends."

"How can it be denied," the Pope went on, "that may people are tempted to follow the life of the young Francis before his conversion? That lifestyle hides the desire for happiness that dwells in every human heart." Yet the saint did not find "true joy" there, because "the truth is that finite things can give glimmers of joy but only the infinite can fill the heart."

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