Monday, June 04, 2007

Another Convert to the Faith...

Most have heard the buzz on the Internet about Francis Beckwith, Philosopher, Professor and ex- President of the Evangelical Theological Society, coming home to Catholicism.

However, there is more joy to announce. I found this on Steve Ray's blog about Matt Enloe, leaving the Baptist Tradition to become a Catholic.

What I like about reading their conversion stories is 'Why', which is what everyone wants to know, but I also look at 'What" from their protestant background's they can teach us Catholics.

Reading through the number of blog entries from Francis Beckwith was some insight as to what us cradle Catholics ( I categorize myself) seem to miss or rather take for granted. It's like talking with a new U.S. citizen from a foreign country. They seem to point out some of the freedoms that born U.S. citizens seem to take for granted.

As an example, I spoke with a work colleague of mine that came from Russia. She said the first time she entered a supermarket to shop, she cried. She had never seen a store with so much food. With all the shelves full.

Mr. Beckwith points out his love of scripture as an example. If some of you are like me, I love scripture but many times I struggle with "where is that specifically in the Bible". I may know the passage but the exact book and verse I don't have memorized.

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