Tuesday, July 04, 2017


I've recently gone back to school to attempt a degree in philosophy and with a full work schedule and my older years, that's no small feat.

I am enjoying it immensely...the youngn's in my classes are smart and eagerly seeking knowledge. The Professors are great too, but there is a bias agenda that they do not hide. That is to disprove the Christian faith, Catholicism specifically, whether it be in beginning philosophy classes or art history or critical thinking or any of the liberal art classes I've been taking.

Time and time again I see the professors lecturing from hand written notes that I can see they've had for quite a while from past classes, spouting what they call facts against Christianity with little response from my young classmates. Most eagerly are jotting down notes, taking it all in without challenging any of the discussions. Having a little life experience now under my belt, i can't just sit back and not say anything.

I will politely ask for references to backup what is in the lecture and when I have to, I'll correct any Catholic mis-representation. I remember one professor in an Art History Class on the Renaissance period, spout that the reason for Madonna paintings is because Catholic Nuns were discriminated against higher positions in the Church.

Give me a break, where are the references for that?
None were given of course.

In a World Religion Class, we studied Eastern and Western Religions. All was well in the Eastern religion and the class was encouraged to read the and experience their teachings but when it came to Christianity, Biblical Interpretation was emphasized. Question the teachings, and here is the historical evidence against the Bible.

The Professor, a self professed "ex-Catholic" proclaimed "you have to be exposed to Biblical Interpretation at least once in your lives."
The majority of the lesson lectures and assigned readings where anti-Christianity. Subjects on disproving the Old Testament to Jesus not a Historical person.
I was not shy in my homework assignments or in class. I expected a little more retribution for this but to the professor's credit they did not.

We wonder why are kids are losing their faith in College, this is the reason. The Bible experts are now falsely considered only from the academic realm and church scholars are said to be bias. It's actually the other way around. The agenda now is to "deconstruct the Bible" and if we don't know the arguments or what the Church says about them, we and our children will fall into the trap of believing the Church has no validity in interpreting it's own Book.

Anyway, It's summer and I get to do a little reading on my own.
I decided to follow up on the topic of Biblical Interpretation brought up in my classes.
Enclosed is a terrific three part webinar entitled "Deconstructing the Bible" by Prof Jeffrey Morrow on the Institute of Catholic Culture website.

Institute Of Catholic Culture: Deconstructing the Bible

It's excellent and lecture notes are provide.
Please invest a little time with this most important topic. A stretch of the mind, but well worth it.

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