Sunday, March 03, 2019

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism

I just picked up this book and while I have a couple of other books that I’m ready reading, I intend to squeeze this one in.

He had a quick wit about him and a full servant of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. In the interview he pointed out various concerns with the leadership of the Church presently, the same concerns that I and many of us as lay Catholics have.

As I always do when I find someone I find interesting or a book that catches my eye, is I go on a bit of an investigation, finding out as much as I can about that person or author, or subject matter before I purchase a book they’ve written or pursue any other articles or video’s they appear in or write.

John writes articles on The Stream , a Catholic news blog as well as The National Catholic Register (here are a few of his articles there)

The National Catholic Reporter also has an article about him and they didn’t like him too much, which is one in the PLUS + column for John as far as I’m concerned.

So, I looked up a number of his books at Barnes and Noble, because they’re my local bookstore whom I like to support. Amazon has him as well.

I liked the titles in the book’s table of contents.
·      The Church and what it says about itself and the world, and what will happen to you when you die.
·      The Pope, the Bishops and When and why Catholics have to believe What they say – And When and Why we Don’t.
·      How Birth Control Tore the Church apart.
…just to name a few.

Here’s an article from National Catholic Register that takes a more thorough look at the author and this particular book. I agree with their take and I look forward to reading John’s book.

Hope you’ll take a look as well.

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