Saturday, September 12, 2020

Catholic's Can't be Catholic - Fr. Altman


If you haven't seen this video yet, you've got to. Father Altman preaches it without fear. Those

that say, "he's stepping over into politics, he's crossing the line!" is not taking into account the real message of Fr. Altman, that our Faith SHOULD NOT TAKE A BACK SEAT to selecting our government officials, including the presidency.

We, as Catholics must live the teachings of Christ, NO MATTER WHAT!. Whether that means not getting free checks from the government or free anything, at the expense of the unborn.

When one drives a car, one stops at all the traffic lights, not just the ones that we want to. We we go into surgery at a hospital we expect the doctors to follow all the steps of the procedure, not just some of them. When we order food from a restaurant we expect that our order is not some missing anything and is complete. If I order a burger, the patty shouldn't be missing.

When we talk about being a Catholic, that means we follow ALL THE TEACHINGS OF OUR FAITH, all the teaching of the Catholic church. To do otherwise is not a true follower of Christ's church. One is not in communion with the church and it's truths. To do otherwise is not Catholicism but a separate church one has created on their own. That is what Fr. Altman 's message is.

A politician who claims to be Catholic and still supports and promotes Abortion, is not following the teaching of the Catholic church. A political party that promotes abortion at any stage as their political platform, not a party that a Catholic should support. 

Though Donald Trump is not a Catholic, he does come closest, as a candidate for the presidency to supporting our Catholic teachings. I don't promote his character, not everything that he says I agree with. I'm not necessarily saying he is an example of an exemplary role model. What I am saying is his actions align themselves closest to our Catholic teachings.

I sort of think of him as a King Cyrus of the Old Testament. He ruled over the captive Jewish people, but allowed them to rebuild their temple and practice their faith. I think of him as as a Constantine of the middle ages, allowing the Catholic faith to be practiced without persecution. Cyrus and Constantine are key people in history that helped protect the faith, not perfect people themselves.

We need more priest like Fr. Altman not afraid to speak the truth. Not afraid to upset the anyone and thus have a lighter collection basket.

Let's all pray for our elections, that we may be a Holy Nation with Virtuous people, lead by the teaching of Jesus Christ. Let's pray for our priest and church leaders to be more vocal. Let's pray that we may not be silent about our faith.


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