Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Educate Yourself: Border Issue

You would have to be living under a rock to not know of the Border issue played daily on the local and cable news outlets. Every newspaper, and political magazine has it covered and even the late
night shows have to add their two cents to up their ratings.

The one thing that is missing is the facts and an honest discussion. In fact an honest discussion and real facts on the subject are the last thing portrayed.

We need to educate ourselves and learn the facts for ourselves because its getting harder and harder to believe anything. We hear from our priest, bishops and even the Pope as interpreted by the media, which is often twisted to conform to a particular bias.

Case in point, I did an quick internet search: "Catechism of the Catholic Church, Immigration". It came up with reference to the US Catholic Bishops websites.

¶1911: Internal quote is from Gaudium et Spes: “The unity of the human family, embracing people who enjoy equal natural dignity, implies a universal common good. This good calls for an organization of the community of nations able to provide ‘for men’s different needs, both in the fields of social life—such as food supplies, health, education, labor and also in certain special circumstances which can crop up here and there, e.g., the need to promote the general improvement of developing countries, or to alleviate the distressing conditions in which refugees dispersed throughout the world find themselves, or also to assist migrants and their families. to alleviate the distressing conditions in which refugees dispersed throughout the world find themselves, or also to assist migrants and their families.’”

¶2211: “The political community has a duty to honor the family, to assist it, and to ensure especially… the right to private property, to free enterprise, to obtain work and housing, and the right to emigrate.”

¶2241: “The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extend they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.”

Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants' duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.

--> ¶2433: “Access to employment and to professions must be hope to all without unjust discrimination; men and women, healthy and disabled, natives and immigrants. For its part society should, according to circumstances, help citizens find work and employment.”

Catholic teaching except it leaves out pertinent paragraphs, see the text in Red.

Making sense of U.S. immigration law, enforcement, and the current crisis

Where do we go, who do we listen to?

Not all our priest and bishops are wrong, often we hear partial  truths and facts. We need to continue to read the churches teaching through encyclicals good Catholic resources, and our good and faithful priests and Bishops

Pray for peace and a fuller understanding on this issue

Below are a couple more good resources:



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