Tuesday, July 04, 2017

While Watching the Twilight Zone Marathon....

So I'm relaxing on this July 4th, doing a little reading, and watching a little Twilight Zone Marathon with wife.

We like watching some of the old episodes and I always see something new in them each time I watch them.
The "Eye of the Beholder" is one that always intrigues me, from 1960.

In short it's about a woman that's just gone through surgery, bandages wrapped around her face and head. The room is dark and the figures of the doctors and nurses are hidden in the dark room.

the dialogue is one of 'I hope this surgery works..will it work doctor?". As the dialogue goes on it becomes clear that it's the State that controls the Health Care System and is forcing her to have this surgery because her appearance is not like all the others.

"Why must I go through this...who determines who is ugly and not?" says the frantic woman. The Doctor reassures her  everything will go well.

In the end, it doesn't go well, and her looks remain the same, the surgery didn't work. The twist in the story is that she is beautiful (Ely May Clampett - Donna Douglas) and the doctors, nurses and everyone else are the ones that are ugly. But, the State governs what beauty means and the remedy is if you don't look like every one else you pay the price, you must move to a commune with others that don't fit in with society.

Got me thinking about baby Charlie Gard. The State run Health Care System has sentenced him to death, preventing the parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard from perusing further effort to save little Charlie.

Yanking Life Support From UK Baby Demonstrates Dangers Of Socialized Medicine

The health care debate goes on in the U.S.
This week legislature in California was delayed and unions were up and arms with death threats and protests.

The Federal government is debating the same issue with the attempted repeal of Obama Care and people, the news media and Democrats are up and arms about not getting full government health care.

Hmmmm. maybe people should watch a little more Twilight Zone or maybe we have entered the Twilight Zone ourselves.

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