Sunday, June 26, 2022

Roe vs Wade .... No More


So, my blog page has not been updated for awhile…my fault for not posting on a regular basis.

But I’m still here!!!!

Therefore, it’s probably a good time to start anew.

I’ll lead off with an earth-shaking announcement on the Dobb’s case that overturns the Roe vs Wade decision of abortion as the “law of the land.” Frankly, I didn’t think I would be here to see this day, though I knew the Truth would eventually be known that the 1973 law was bogus.

And yes, even Ruth Bader Ginsburg expressed that it was overreaching. While the “man behind the curtain”, “the elephant in the room” whatever you want to call it has been exposed, it appears the ruling has been distorted. Why can’t it be expressed truthfully?

I have some thoughts. 

1. The forces that want abortion on demand can’t come to the realization that the Roe law was not founded on legit arguments. Abortion is not in the constitution or the 14th amendment. It was basically the Justices at the time creating a law. As we all know the Congress is the only branch that creates laws. The Supreme Court only interprets the law. The proponents of abortion want to cloak this new decision in as dark a matter as they can. Regardless of what the pro-abortion news pundits or government officials say (more on the political aspect later). 

It’s not taking away abortion. It’s placing the decision in the hands of the State and therefore the citizens. It’s not the beginning of turning over same-sex-marriage or any other newly minted controversial laws. Women won’t have to go to dark ally secret non-safe abortion houses.

The Dobb’s decision only says that abortion laws are in the hands of the States. Citizens vote on their state representatives those who they want to make these decisions. NOT the government.

2. I think this fueling of outrage is a sign of desperation on the part of politicians, specifically the Democrat party, who sense a major mid-term defeat in the Fall. They want to highlight an issue that will distract from the issues of inflation, high gas prices, high crime, the immigration chaos, the Afghanistan pull-out catastrophe. The D-party needs a cause to counter these issues and lead the voters on a false understanding of the supreme court decision. The rhetoric from these politicians is mind boggling. The voting down of proposed laws and upholding of existing laws that protect the Justices from harassment at their homes is foreboding and is an example of events we see only in places like China (Hong Kong), tyrannical countries, and governments. The elimination of the opposition.

The pro-life movement can count this as a success, but the fight is not over. Continued vigilance of potential hate acts as a product of this decision and the inciting of violence on churches and organizations that support pro-life issues is something we as supporters of the unborn will have to remain vigilant to. Continued prayers and support, especially for mothers who need help with their unborn and born babies. Their need for medical care and living conditions, education in baby, childcare. We need to be ready to offer help where it’s needed to support life, prior to birth and after birth.  

Here's a nice factual talk on the decision..


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